Here at the Nashville Realtor Team, we are always glad to work with All Pro Home Inspections for clients real estate Home inspection needs. . AAPI's phone is 615.813.5692.


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At All-Pro we provide home inspection services to buyers or sellers and to owners of newly constructed homes right before the walk-through with the builder. The information gleaned from our inspections help you make a confident decision and mean fewer surprises at closing. The combination of years of experience and the use of advanced technology equip our inspectors to deliver a thorough structural and mechanical analysis of each home.:


Siding, trim, exterior doors, windows, gutters, downspouts, deck, landings, sidewalks, driveway, chimney, crawl space, foundation, and roof. 


Interior doors, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, kitchen appliances, attic, attic ventilation, attic insulation, basement structure, all non-cosmetic items, and foundation.


Water heater, piping, venting, toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks.


Main service cable, service rating, main panel box, main disconnect, all visible wiring, wall outlets, GFCIs, light fixtures, and switches. 


Heating unit, cooling unit, supply and return ducts, room registers, and returns. 


Detailed review of each area of concern, same day as inspection.