Field of Dreams Farm Outside Nashville TN

Exploring the Charm of Field of Dreams Farm
Watertown, TN / USA - (last modified November 22, 2023 at 6:00am )


Nestled just a short 45-minute drive from Nashville, Tennessee, Field of Dreams Farm stands as a testament to sustainable, healthful farming. This family-operated farm, located in the picturesque Watertown, is dedicated to providing Nashville and its surrounding areas with a variety of unconfined, chemical-free meats and eggs.


Field of Dreams Farm

The Journey to Sustainable Farming

Field of Dreams Farm's journey began in April 2010 after the owners were inspired by the documentary "Food Inc." From its initial 5-acre setup in Lebanon, TN, the farm expanded to a sprawling 115 acres in Watertown. This growth was fueled by the desire to supply more people with clean, healthy food. The farm's focus on non-GMO feeds, a combination of fish meal and soy for poultry, and non-GMO grains for pigs, underscores their commitment to health and quality.

Field of Dreams Farm

Thanksgiving Turkeys and More

One of the farm's highlights is its Thanksgiving turkeys, which have become quite popular. Customers can pre-order these turkeys, choosing between fresh or frozen, to be picked up directly from the farm. This year, they announced their turkey arrival in July, with the young birds spending time in the brooder before moving out to the fields. The farm also offers a wide range of other meats, such as chicken, duck, pork, and beef, all raised with the same commitment to quality and sustainability.

Field of Dreams Farm


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Bringing the Farm to the City

In an effort to make their products more accessible, Field of Dreams Farm has set up a convenient delivery schedule, bringing farm-fresh produce directly to the city. They deliver every other week to various locations in Nashville and surrounding areas, including Murfreesboro, Franklin, Hermitage, and Mt. Juliet. This service allows customers to enjoy the farm's offerings without the need to travel to Watertown. CLICK HERE for their delivery schedule.

Field of Dreams Farm

A Local Gem for Nashville

For those in Nashville and its environs, Field of Dreams Farm is not just a source of high-quality, sustainable food. It's a symbol of a growing movement towards healthier, more ethical eating habits. The farm's commitment to non-GMO feeds, humane treatment of animals, and chemical-free farming practices make it a standout in the region. Whether it's for a special Thanksgiving turkey or regular meat and egg purchases, the farm provides a reliable, healthful choice for conscious consumers.

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